In the Muczka family painting has a tradition for over 200 years. Despite the passion none of the family members was successful. They concentrated purely on creativity and did not want to do anything regarding the business. I didn’t inherit talent as a painter and always felt more comfortable in business. The world of art suddenly fell into my lap, even though I didn’t know anything about it. At that moment I´ve decided to do everything in a different way to change this unsuccessful path.

My vision has always been to push the boundaries of conventional notions of art and change the way how it is perceived and used. The world of art has its long tradition of established and clearly defined standards which prevented me from enforcing my timeless thinking for a long time. People were afraid of innovations in this sphere. They kept emphasizing the general rules and made clear to me that I have no chance to success. I literally had to breakthrough my way for a long time, but I didn´t want to give up. I wanted to fill this gloomy, black-and-white and straightforward world with colours, elegance and positive emotions.

As I started business with art on the street, I got such a lesson, which even the best school in the world couldn’t teach me. That's why I am saying that I graduated the High Street University – the greatest school of life. How would you feel if you were driving 400 km to meet a client and he would said that he's not really interested, he just wanted to test if you would really come so far just for the meeting? Or what if the client confirmed the meeting, but he did not answer the phone or open the door afterwards? Would you stay calm if you were presenting paintings for 4 hours in a row, running around the house, carrying 30 paintings up and down without a lift, and at the end the answer would be that they were not really interested in it, but they were just curious for how long you can manage it? And this did not happen just once or twice. I have experienced situations like these many times for many years. It was really something! Man can build an incredible endurance and resilience in such extreme situations or it can put him down as well. I have touched rock bottom several times, not just in relationships with people close to me, but also financially.

The pressure that pushed me from all sides - the public and also the close surroundings who expected measurable results and success were an enormous motivation for me. It has made me to hang on and do the things differently. I wanted to be different, to be unique and I wanted to offer the same to my clients. I felt that modern times with their fast pace will come to the point where the demand for uniqueness would be requested. And now we are right in it. The market is overwhelmed by a variety of products and services and it is hard to find something that brings you or your business an added value.

That's why the company AuroGenio Art was created. It exclusively represents a prominent artist since the year 2012 and transfers his motifs onto a variety of products. The result is a valuable and premium product or service of artistic quality. We endeavor to create a charming, pleasant and unique environment for both business and private purposes, combining practicality with emotional experience. Therefore, I'm not afraid to call it the Art Revolution.

We are constantly looking for new and modern technologies also for partners that will help us to be always a step ahead and to be able to offer something extraordinary. I have a vision which giving us as a chance to be unique and to have an ability to differentiate from others. As an agency we are still trying to develop, improve and fulfill this vision. BE UNIQUE LIKE ART

Yours Mark Muczka

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