Zweigeltrebe rose 2017

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Enjoy the unique connection of premium wine with the ar t of Joe Muczka jr. Not only the taste but also the design can please the human soul and give an added value to this exceptional wine. The bouquet of warm drupes and canned dark yellow plums (Drap d’Or d’Espéren) transformed in the palate to sour cherry cake with fine vanilla yogurt mousse. Art wine from our Young Collection will pamper all your senses and leave an unforgettable experience.


wine with classification cabinet wine / dry
Wine area Moravia • Wine subregion Znojmo • Wine village  Hosteradice • Vineyard track Volné pole
Serving temperature 10 – 12 °C / Storing temperature 12 – 14 °C
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Evidence number of quality 24D1-18/41
No.of batch 3219
Contains sulfur dioxide
Bottled in Vinselekt Michlovský a.s., Rakvice, Czech Republic
Seller: AuroGenio Art a.s., Revoluční 2, 101 00 Praha 1, IČO 242 87 199


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