Golden butterfly

270 000.00
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AuroGenio guarantees that there are only ten copies of each painting in this edition. The value of the paintings increases together with the increasing popularity of Joe Muczka jr. and may continue to rise. In addition to emotional and aesthetic values, the Special Limited Edition therefore also brings a potential investment profit. 

Clients who decide to invest into paintings in a Special Limited Edition of AuroGenio will obtain a signature of the artist, his fingerprint and order in the Special Limited Edition (5/10). Together with the work you will also receive a certificate that guarantees the authenticity and origin of the work.

Year: 2010  Size: 100x80 cm


“What a small body, what huge wings. Where are you going, little butterfly? Where are you hurrying to?”



Museo 45 – multiply glued frame by Boesner with a depth of 45 mm. A high quality and aesthetically suitable frame contributes towards the overall impression of each and every work. The uniqueness of the stretch frame lies in particular in the fact that it practically rules out the risk of the painting moving. This is aided by the fact that it is glued multiple times. Multiple gluing using spruce and fi r guarantees practically the very highest level of rigidity and limits the frame moving.


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