The Fly

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  • We use a latex printing technology, which is able to preserve shades of the colors for longer than the traditional digital printing technology. Thanks to the fact that latex colors undergo a preservation process, you can be assured that you have a high quality reproduction on your wall, which will not lose any of the original intensity even years later.


“You won’t find a fly full of colour anywhere in the world. Only an artist sees it, when his brush touches the canvas.”



Museo 45 – multiply glued frame by Boesner with a depth of 45 mm. A high quality and aesthetically suitable frame contributes towards the overall impression of each and every work. The uniqueness of the stretch frame lies in particular in the fact that it practically rules out the risk of the painting moving. This is aided by the fact that it is glued multiple times. Multiple gluing using spruce and fi r guarantees practically the very highest level of rigidity and limits the frame moving.


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