St . Laurent 2017

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Enjoy the unique connection of premium wine with the art of Joe Muczka jr. Not only the taste but also the design can please the human soul and give an added value to this exceptional wine. The bouquet of this wine is southern-fruity type and reminds of cherry stones and dried plums. The zest is well balanced by tannins and pleasant caramel tones in it´s aftertaste. Art wine from our Young Collection will pamper all your senses and leave an unforgettable experience.


wine with classification cabinet wine / dry
Wine area Moravia • Wine subregion Mikulov • Wine village  •  Hlohovec • Vineyard track Šulaperk
Serving temperature 16 – 18 °C / Storing temperature 12 – 14 °C
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Evidence number of quality 40C1-18/38
No.of batch 3201
Contains sulfur dioxide
Bottled in Vinselekt Michlovský a.s., Rakvice, Czech Republic
Seller: AuroGenio Art a.s., Revoluční 2, 101 00 Praha 1, IČO 242 87 199

The Nomacorc GreenLine

Plant-based closures for age-worthy wines

Nomacorc Green Line is a new "category" of closures called PlantCorc™, derived from sugarcane, a 100 % renewable raw material source. It offers dramatic advancements in wine closure Performance, Design, and Sustainability.
Green Line closures are based on patented manufacturing technology, which ensures bottle-to-bottle consistency, and eliminates faults due to oxidation, reduction, off-flavors associated with TCA and other contaminants. Green Line closures are certified to contain plantbased raw materials substantially reducing carbon footprint. PlantCorcs™ are produced using sustainable manufacturing processes powered by renewable energy and are recyclable.

Nomacorc Green Line closures provide the sametrusted performance winemakers have come to expect from Nomacorc including:
TCA - and fault-free — no cork aftertaste
Smooth and easy extraction and reinsertion, no crumbling or breakage
Reliable bottling performance
Clean, safe, and compliant product compositions


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