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Light lager GOLD

An excellent Czech beer brewed the traditional way, just like our forefathers taught us how to. It matures for at least 45 days and contains no chemical additives or accelerators. The use of high quality malt and hops, which mature in the fields of the Czech Republic, gives the beer its wonderful bitter taste.

Alcohol content: 5.0% vol. The package contains 24 pcs.

Treat yourself with luxury of Czech kings: premium beer and unique art

Enjoy the unique connection of premium Czech beer with the art of Joe Muczka jr. On each bottle of this limited edition release, you can find a motif of the painting ‘Chessboard’.

Chess has always been a game of kings and does not contain an element of coincidence. The king is the most important chess piece, which dominates as a symbol of uniqueness. He leads the others and moves his whole company forward. Thanks to a well thought out strategy, he wins and is declared the best.

Joe Muczka jr. builds on the family artistic tradition and continues his grandfather's mission. The brewery we collaborate with respects the tradition rooted centuries ago and produces a golden yellow beer with rich foam, from flavorful malt, hops, spring water and yeast. This limited edition beer is a beer fit for kings. An excellent tasting beer for those who are driven in pursuing their goals; true kings.

Selling alcoholic beverages to people under 18 years of age is prohibited.


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