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AuroGenio Art - Giving art a new dimension

AuroGenio Art a.s. is an agency specializing in brand building of an artist. The company’s management has been active in the Czech and international business environment for more than twenty years.

Its history dates to 1996, when the owners started promoting the name of the artist Joe Muczka jr. In 2010, they founded the AuroGenio agency, which pushed the boundaries of conventional notions of art to another level and took a modern approach with the aim of moving this collaboration to a new, international level.

The Agency thus built on the achievements associated with the presentation of the now world-famous artist, and has ambitions to take under its wing and represents other talents blessed by painting muse into the future.

AuroGenio Art is taking the unconventional route and building its brand comprehensively through nine major sectors, offering premium products and services tailored to client needs.

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