The modern world is very fast and hurried. It is full of imitation and copying – and that´s why our story is separating us from the crowd and attracting our employees, clients and partners. Mark Muczka – the soul and core of the whole agency creates the values that are the key to the success of our company. We all stand pat on these values. To make our business attractive and long-term successful, it is really necessary to have a strategy and cooperate with quality people who are looking for a job which makes sense and brings something useful to this world. These are not just empty marketing slogans. We believe that if you identify with our values, it will fulfill you with the energy and enthusiasm to begin the realization of our common vision. Of course, there will always be some black sheep, but they can’t survive in such a strong company culture. In this case it is absolutely fine to let them go to find a place where they will feel better and open the door to others. It’s like when you come to visit someone: you will immediately feel if this person fits you like a glove or not. Also, according to the atmosphere in our company you will know immediately whether you want to work in it or not. It might sound too hard, but we will be always guided by intuition.

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a partner you could rely on for 100 %. And we don´t mean it just in private life. The world of business is though, so we not only demand the reliability but we offer it as well.

These two are basic human abilities that are rare to found these days. They are based on willingness to learn new things, to listen, be able to receive pluses and minuses and perceive the world around us.

It is the result of fulfillment, when you see your vocation meaningful. When you are really identified with something you can push your and the company´s limits higher.

We love our work because it makes sense to us. It is reflected in our results and the company´s atmosphere. Of course, the others can see that too! We are honestly pleased when we see the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

We work on overcoming barriers, learning a lot, using new technologies and we are not afraid of it at all. It doesn’t matter that we do it differently. Originality doesn’t have boundaries.

Life is about changes. For those who suddenly stop it can be difficult to perceive the changes of life and will be really hard for people to move forward. That’s definitely not our case. We are constantly adapting, developing, trying new things and that is why we are still moving forward.

Flexibility is closely related to the acceptation of changes and adaptation to them. In order to keep our high-quality standards and uniqueness the flexibility is essential for us.

We do not mean the level of your education! It is known as the common sense. It is simply the connection between the heart and the brain.


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