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MAKE yourself and your car DIFFERENT

In collaboration with top professionals, the endless possibilities are opening in Car Design. Thanks to an advanced modern technology and a precise process we can now connect the value of art with the value of your car or motorcycle. With the premium quality materials, your vehicle will be protected from external influences and will get an added value in the form of originality and uniqueness. Motifs designed by the world-renowned artist Joe Muczka jr. are thanks to the unique way of wrapping available to anyone who wants to attract, engage and excel in everydays car ride.

Individuals who want to transform their car into a remarkable artwork can choose from a wide range of selected motifs made by the artist Joe Muczka jr. Those who want to uplift their car or motorcycle to the level of true uniqueness; they have the opportunity to choose a motif and design from our limited editions, which provides the exclusivity. Make your car an original that will be unique not only in the of world art.


  1. Choose your favourite motif from Joe Muczka jr. artist- it can be a reproduction or motif from limited edition, which will not be owned by no one else on the car.
  2. Next step is choosing a type of car wrapping foil – it can be full carwrap, which will add a protective layer to the whole car surface, or we can do a partial car wrap. In this case, your car will keep the original varnish and we will apply wrapping foil on certain places only.
  3. Choose a type and colour of wrapping foil.
  4. We will create an original design in 3D program in cooperation with our creative designers and graphic designers. In this step we are able to make changes and adjustments according to your requests.
  5. Once the design has been approved, we will start the realization. We will prepare wrapping foil for print and start car wrapping.

This entire process from choosing a motif to the final delivery of your car takes several weeks. Team of professionals - designers, 3D graphic designers, creative graphic designers, car wrapping experts and of course our artist will take care of your car.

If you are interested in our ideas we will be happy to prepare an individual design to fit your needs. Please use the contact form below and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.


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