Art design in interior? Original and fresh!

We specialize in connecting art with a variety of products and services and interior design is a big part of it. We pushed the boundaries of conventional notions of art to another level and offer a premium and original products and services. These unique products can bring joy, beauty and harmony to any place.

The motifs we use come from the brush of famous artist Joe Muczka jr. We can transfer your chosen theme to almost anything. Today's modern technology allows printing on many different surfaces and products. In this case, we offer printing on carpets, pillows, bedding, blankets, furniture or original beanbags called Muczbags. We can create quality and original design for bathtubs, radiators, kitchen desks and cabinets, fridges, floors, walls, and even exteriors.

We can provide complete interior and exterior design not only for flats and houses, but also for hotels, conference rooms, offices, apartments, restaurants, exhibition stands and much more. From a unique environment you will draw energy, creativity and positive feelings.

If you are interested in our ideas we will be happy to prepare an individual design to fit your needs. For more information contact us at


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