Magical christmas inspiration

We offer you some Christmas inspiration, which should help you choose gifts and put you in the right mood for Christmas. Choose from designer products by artist Joe Muczek jr. from our inspiring magical Christmas range.

This is the most beautiful time of the year, when people strive to be with those they love and enjoy a beautiful and peaceful Christmas holiday with them. Christmas dinner and unwrapping gifts are usually considered the highlights of this holiday season and our chocolate almonds are just the thing to create an unforgettable ambiance on the festive table and conjure up a sweet Christmas finish. These almonds can be purchased in three delicious flavours, in original designer tins by Joe Muczek Jr.

After a delicious dinner it is time not only to unwrap your gifts, but also to enjoy some excellent coffee and good wine. After finishing their meal no one will be able to refuse a deeply delicious experience in the form of artisan coffees of the highest quality. Only 100% Arabica is capable of perfuming your home and pleasing the most demanding tastes. Fans of lighter coffee will certainly be unable to refuse our smooth coffee with its spicy aroma with a trace of fruitiness. As well as coffee, we also offer excellent Saint Laurent red wine 2017. For the ladies we have an excellent sauvignon 2016 with light fruity tones, and our refreshing Zweigeltrebe rosé 2017 is the right choice for couples in love.

After spending a lovely evening with the family it is time pamper yourself. Wrap yourself in the magic of Christmas and the soft material of artisan blankets and pillows. Our blankets and pillows are unique designer items that you will appreciate during the advent period and throughout the rest of the year. Our designer dressing gown, soft to the touch and available with many artistic motifs, is also a beautiful Christmas gift, which will conjure up a smile on everyone’s face.


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