Unique project in honor of Karel Svoboda

Hot news! In 22nd of May 2018 took place the press conference in the Music Theater Karlín on the preparation of a concert for December 2018, in honour of genius composer Karel Svoboda. The artist Joe Muczka jr. appreciated the composer's historical status by creating composer's portrait, which was a domain theme of a whole event. Celebrities of Czech show business, who will perform on December's concert, were astonished by Joe's art work. Joe painted an unusual portrait in a combination of elements which featured the composer's most.

Traditional depiction of the composer with his own thoughtful expression evokes the feeling of his eternal watching of his still living artistic message. Abstract fractions in the portrait are used as contrast between artist's musical genialities and the surrounding world. Intimate chess board is a symbol of the artist's organized strategy and his clever mind which he used to create each composition and his future work.

The portrait is painted in bright colours evoking positive energy and emotions, which are significant in composer’s songs and compositions as well. His music induces happiness, joy and euphoria. The depicted piano, notes and clef in the portrait represents his work, which refers to enormous discipline and diligence, which was unnecessary for the creation of famous songs. In honour to this musical master Joe Muzcka jr. transferred and short passage from his most famous song "Lady Carneval", which became famous in 36 countries in the world. The music of Karel Svoboda has a unique ability of sharing love, piece and positive energy among people from all over the world.

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